Regular stallholders return each year to the Expo for its great atmosphere and community feel. New stallholders are always welcome. You can catch up with a great variety of businesses who deal in garden supplies, plants, craft and landscaping and just about anything to do with your garden!

Press the link for  a 2018 Stall Application

2018 GGE Site Application


View of the Pavilion
View of the Pavilion

2 thoughts on “Markets

  1. Rosie says:

    Hello I have a little hotdog cart that I am hoping I might be able to bring along to your garden expo, we use specialty rolls made just for us and a variety of sausages including german varietys. We also carry cans of drinks and water.. We do not require power, and once the cart is detached from our ute, we can move it very easily into any small space.
    We would be very interested to hear from you in regard to what your costs are and help make your event memorable .

    1. gympiegardenexpo says:

      Hi Rosie sorry for the late response. We are full with food vendors this year but please try again next year. We try not to have conflicting stalls and do have a fundraising sausage sizzle this year, so committee may say no. Contact before Jan 31 and we can talk then

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