Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers 2020


Saturday/Sunday Session times TBC

Famed ABC Gardening Talkback host from the Capricornia. Whether you’re an old hand at getting your hands dirty in the garden, or taking the first step in setting one up, Tom Wyatt can help you with all your gardening needs!



Sunday May 3 

Session times TBC

Tobias Smith is a bee researcher, educator and stingless bee keeper based on the Gold Coast. As a researcher Tobias is based part-time at the University of Queensland, and collaborates with researchers from a range of other institutions. Tobias’s research interests focus on wild bees in agricultural landscapes, crop pollination by native bee species, and native bee diversity and ecology. As an educator Tobias presents native bee and pollination workshops to community groups and schools, primarily through his business Bee Aware Kids. In addition, Tobias teaches full-day stingless beekeeping training workshops on behalf of Sugarbag Bees. As a beekeeper Tobias keeps stingless native bee hives around south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales, and helps to manage many more as a stingless beekeeping consultant.
Sugarbag Bees and Bee Aware Kids. Tobias tweets as @EcologyToby and @BeeAwareAus



Session times tbc

Zela is self sufficient in her Permaculture garden where she experiments with fibres and also seed saving. She continues to exhibit, educating on environmental issues using the scoby from kombucha fermentation, felt work and also paper making. I feel really lucky. It’s like I’ve had a blessed life. I was awarded Scholarships to help me get an education and break out of the cycle of poverty. I experienced the heady camaraderie of political activism in Queensland as a student. I sold my hand-thrown and painted pottery when appreciation for handcrafts was at its peak. I found loving people to teach me Indigenous culture and values. I lived through the counter-culture era of alternative lifestyles and high environmental ideals. While my children were young we lived out those ideals in an incredibly lush, beautiful region with horses to ride, organic vegetables and fruit on the trees. The Mary River Valley with its subtropical rainforest, creeks and waterfalls inspired my visual art. All these experiences have given me unique philosophy and values that I bring to bear in my workshops, events and artworks.


Workshops will be held in the Green room (betting ring adjacent to the Pavilion)

Faye Dobson

The delicate art of Bonsai and helping them thrive.

Jim Evans

Which orchid is that?

Workshop co-ordinator tbc

Beautiful Bromeliads