Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers 2018

Cath Manuel Head Shot


Saturday May 5, Guest speaker room (betting ring)

10am Healthy Fruit Growing – simple ways to grow and enjoy delicious fruits

2pm  Discovering Dirt – prepare your garden from the ground up

What’s in our soil? Discover the secret ingredients and how to improve soil with natural ingredients to grow healthy food.

About Cath:

Cath Manuel is a Consultant and Educator of Organic Gardening and Horticultural Therapy, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She is the founder and director of Soil to Supper and provides services and program nationally and internationally through the Soil to Supper Membership Community and Workshop Program. She is also host of The Wellbeing Garden Podcast Program. Cath has many years’ experience in the horticulture industry and has a great passion for growing fresh organic food, living a sustainable lifestyle and sharing her knowledge and experience to inspire others. She shares her knowledge through programs, consultations, events, radio, television and various media publications. Cath holds a Diploma in Horticulture, Certificate in Permaculture Design and Horticultural Therapy.

Find out more at;; ; and the Soil to Supper Club


Guest speaker room (betting ring)

12pm  Our Sustainable Heritage & how to rediscover it

Sustainability has become a buzzword that’s often misunderstood and misused.
What we would call sustainability today was common practice just a generation or two ago, waste was a word rarely used in the home and garden.
So what happened?
There’s an interesting tale to be told in what we had, where it went and perhaps more importantly how easy it really is to get it back.
Adam will explore what sustainability actually means, look at the past, the present and offer some easy and achievable tips for the future.

About Adam:

With a life-long love of the garden and the great outdoors Adam is dedicated to sharing his passion for garden lifestyle, horticulture, sustainability and DIY in enjoyable and approachable ways, demystifying these often overcomplicated areas.
 With more than two decades of industry experience Adam is a specialist writer, photographer, magazine editor, TV, video & radio presenter and video producer.

 If you’ve leafed through any of Australia’s leading garden and lifestyle magazines in the last 15-years then chances are you’ve read Adam’s articles and seen his multi-award winning photography.
 He works across all media having spent many years presenting on radio & TV and today his self-produced videos have had well over 3million views on his popular YouTube channel. ( ) Adam is a regular visitor to Norfolk Island hosting bespoke tours exploring the gardens, food, history, sustainability & culture of the island.

 Adam is based at Lake Weyba on the Sunshine Coast and in his spare time is embarking on his largest project to-date – renovating his family’s home and developing over 1 acre of gardens. Adam is Diploma qualified in both Horticulture and Sustainability and has also studied Landscape Engineering, Construction & Design and Media & Communications.


Adam Woodhams
Dip. Horticulture. Dip. Sustainability. multi-media communication 
specialising in home & garden lifestyle, DIY & sustainability
 print  online  editorial  press releases  photography  video production  




Sunday May 7, Compost Corner – Hensel Building

9am Ideas and inspiration for garden design

Get some landscaping and design ideas using plant combinations that make the most of space in your home garden. Whether it’s native or non-native species there are choices you can make that help your garden flourish.

Paul Plant is well known as editor of popular subTropical Gardening magazine. You can regularly hear him talk on ABC Sunshine Coast 90.3FM and Noosa 101.3FM radio. As a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, he is an avid gardener and plant collector. Fin out more at:

Paul Plant Horticulture:
Instagram: @PaulPlantHorticulture



Sunday May 6 – Compost Corner, Hensel Building,

11 am Native stingless bees are alive and well in your garden. Can you identify them and understand the amazing work they do?

Tobias is an ecologist and native bee researcher, and currently works in a range of different bee-related positions, including the Rader Ecology Lab at The University of New EnglandSugarbag Bees and Bee Aware Kids. Tobias’s research interests are focused mainly on bee communities in human-dominated landscapes and on the use of native bees as pollinators in crops. Tobias first became interested in bees as a child, and during PhD study at the University of Queensland became passionate about community education on bees, ecology, and biodiversity. Tobias is also a native stingless bee keeper, and keeps hives around Brisbane and in northern NSW. Tobias tweets as @EcologyToby and @BeeAwareAus



Sunday May 6, Compost Corner, Hensel Building

10am Eugene will take us on river journey from the mountains to the stream and the native flora and fauna you can experience on the way.

Eugene Bargo is a proud, Goreng Kabi man, and Eugene’s country is Burri Burri and Nargo.

Growing up Eugene remembers being persecuted for being Aboriginal; he encountered extensive challenges from the local community, having to deal with the ignorance and misconceptions from non-Indigenous people regarding Aboriginal Australians. Eugene was Dux of his school but says his most important teachings were from his dad. He fondly remembers his father being very wise. He was fortunate enough to obtain valuable lessons from his father’s teachings especially around men’s business, he found this very grounding.  Eugene recalls, “My father’s teachings are still priceless and inspiring today long after his passing.” Eugene’s mother was another significant person is his life, his mum ran Opel House, worked at St Vincent de Pauls assisting the homeless and mob where she could. There have been various roles in Eugene’s working life from cutting cane with his dad to construction, and returning to study, becoming a qualified social worker. Eugene is now a florist and enjoys growing Australian native flowers and plants on his property. For the past 48 years Eugene’s been partaking on cultural journeys, yearly travels take him where his ancestors gathered. He believes if you sit still quiet and long enough you can hear the songs and stories of the past. Eugene has a real passion to educate our people especially young Aboriginal boys/men and he organises camps for the boys on his country, to inform them about men’s business, sacred sites etc.

Eugene feels our culture is fractured and wants traditional stories to be taught in schools. This is very important to him because he believes our stories need to be told to the next generation. Fortunately for Eugene he was given the opportunity to purchase the property he now owns which happens to be his country and where his great grannie and mother grew up; he has had the opportunity to show his children and grandchildren. Proudly Eugene declares, “this is 6 generations.” Eugene is a concerned Aboriginal elder who endeavours to educate and inspire others, he lives a very simple life that most would struggle with, but others may envy. He lives on traditional country without electricity or a television for over 17 years.




Sunday May 6, Compost Corner, Hensel Building

12.30pm Zela will be talking about growing fibres for paper and paper making, and  alternatives to plastic

1pm Papermaking workshop, bookings essential

Zela is self sufficient in her Permaculture garden where she experiments with fibres and also seed saving. She continues to exhibit, educating on environmental issues using the scoby from kombucha fermentation, felt work and also paper making. I feel really lucky. It’s like I’ve had a blessed life. I was awarded Scholarships to help me get an education and break out of the cycle of poverty. I experienced the heady camaraderie of political activism in Queensland as a student. I sold my hand-thrown and painted pottery when appreciation for handcrafts was at its peak. I found loving people to teach me Indigenous culture and values. I lived through the counter-culture era of alternative lifestyles and high environmental ideals. While my children were young we lived out those ideals in an incredibly lush, beautiful region with horses to ride, organic vegetables and fruit on the trees. The Mary River Valley with its subtropical rainforest, creeks and waterfalls inspired my visual art. All these experiences have given me unique philosophy and values that I bring to bear in my workshops, events and artworks.


workshops will be held in the Green room (betting ring adjacent to the Pavilion)

Faye Dobson

The delicate art of Bonsai and helping them thrive. Saturday 9am, and Sunday 11am


Kevin and Daphne Hamment

Caring for anthuriums, Saturday 11am

Preparing foliage plants for show, Sunday 10am


Jim Evans

Identifying and caring for orchids, Saturday1pm