Compost Corner

Grow, Educate, Share BUNYAS and BUSH TUCKER

Compost Corner offers discussions and hands on workshops on sustainability and permaculture concepts on the Sunday of the Expo.

Valley Bees brings all the latest information on honeybees, native bees and that sweet golden stuff as part of National Honey Month.

Koala Action Group (KAG) will offer insight to rehabilitating koala landscapes.

Landcare have the local species of natives on sale. Each year they promote community participation in sustainable land management.


Paul Plant, is a local favourite on ABC and community radio and well known editor of the popular subTropical Gardening magazine. He will share his gardening knowledge in some hands on demonstrations on how to grow plants that improve your soil. Composting, getting it right!– the simple ratio mix.
Also, unusual edible plants worth growing in our climate.


Dr Tobias Smith

Tobias is an ecologist and native bee researcher, and currently works at the University of Queensland and Sugarbag Bees. Tobias’s research interests are primarily focused on bee communities in human-dominated landscapes and in tropical rainforests, and on the use of alternative pollinators in crops. Tobias first became interested in bees as a child, and during PhD study at the University of Queensland became passionate about community education on bees, ecology, and biodiversity. Tobias is also a native stingless bee keeper, and keeps hives around Brisbane and in northern NSW.

PROGRAM for 2017 coming soon.

The 2016 information gives you an idea on how much information there is to share in Compost Corner!



2 thoughts on “Compost Corner

  1. Shona Sengstock says:

    Never ask you never know, but my Gympie East Garden Gurus would be over the corn field if Dr Tabias Smith came to our beautiful passionate patch for a visit, a call out or a feed during his visit to our beautiful Town. Native bees are a personal quest of mine and the kids would love him to come check out our Bug Hotel and empower us about the importance of Bees. Our Garden Gurus gather on Fridays, hint hint Just putting the invite out there as all our green thumbs are crossed. Thank you for the opportunity to ask, Shona

    1. gympiegardenexpo says:

      Hi Shona Dr Tobias can’t come this year unfortunately> I was a bit sad as he is a very clever man and great presenter. try contacting him through his website Bee Aware, or you could ask Glenbo through Valley Bees, as he knows him better and when he might be up next. Theres a national bee conference in June? You can contact him through MRCCC

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