Any enquiries can be made to:

Gympie Garden Expo

PO BOX 1063

Gympie Q 4570



11 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Mort says:

    Could you please put the dates for the Expo somewhere easy to find? I had to download the exhibitors application to find out when it is on for 2015!

  2. Lin says:

    Why are the open gardens only open for 2 hours on each day? With the distance between it will be impossible to see all 4 on one day and I imagine they could be quite crowded. If I was a host I’d much prefer visitors spread over the whole day.

    1. gympiegardenexpo says:

      Hi Lin, thanks for your comments. Two gardens are in Gympie and could be visited within the time. We keep visiting hours to a minimum so that open garden participants can also attend (and volunteer) at the expo. Our experience has been that open gardens could be better attended. We are making changes to raise awareness they are open and increase participation. Ill take your comments on board. Please enjoy the weekend.

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