Expo goes crazy about the bees!

What do you know about those large furry bees with blue striped bottoms? There are over 1650 known bee species in Australia, and based on the rate of new discovery, the estimated true number may be between 2000 and 2500. Bee researcher, educator and stingless bee keeper Dr Tobias Smith is coming to take Expo visitors on a journey of discovery that’s all about bees! 

Introducing us to the charismatic, highly eusocial stingless bees that have become the rock stars of the bee world. In Dr Smith’s words: “this will be a journey beyond the stingless bees and the bee-hotel-bubble, to introduce the full glory of the five bee families represented in Australia.”

“I’ll also give an overview of bee sociality, and show the diverse nesting strategies displayed by bee species around South East Queensland and beyond.”

Back by popular demand, Dr Smith will give two talks at the Gympie Garden Expo on Sunday April 28 at 9.30am and 11.30am. 

His second talk introduces the biology and management of native stingless bees, and gives an overview of the industry as it stands today. Native stingless bees make ideal additions to gardens and farms in subtropical and tropical Australia, and are increasingly sought after by farms and schools given their positive impacts on pollination, harmlessness and easy management.

Also on Sunday we get cooking with local sustainability educator Zela Bissett. She’ll be getting resourceful and seasonal with indigenous food. Not only are they better suited to our climate, these bush foods can be easily grown in our home gardens and offer an alternative for many recipes.

Not to be missed on Saturday’s program is a tasty plot to plate journey with acclaimed chef Matt Golinski and Paul Plant from 9.30am.

The Gympie Garden Expo is on April 27 and 28 lets you enjoy open gardens, explore market stalls and wander through fantastic plant displays. You can bring the kids for a garden experience with adult entry only $5 and kids free.

A huge thanks goes to Gympie Regional Council and Bendigo Bank for their ongoing support of this event.

For event details and open gardens, go to http://www.gympiegardenexpo.com.au


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