Uncle Eugene’s business of the bush

What does it mean “business of the bush”? If you talk about the business of knitting, you’ll hear describe knit one, pearl one, dropped stitches and so on. If you’re at a mechanic, there is language to describe a vehicles problem and how you apply your knowledge to your trade. Well, it’s the same with the bush. And your property.

There are signs in our landscape which we can learn to recognise which give us keys to understanding times to plant, harvest and where to find sites of seasonal abundance.
Aboriginal elder Uncle Eugene Bargo will share his knowledge of local Kabi Kabi country at the Gympie Garden Expo’s successful Compost Corner talks on Sunday May 1 from 9.30am.
He offers insight into these fascinating symbiotic relationships and how we can learn more about them by simple observation of the bush. Founder of a native flower nursery, Uncle Eugene describes “the importance bush flowers play in the survival of a forest.”
The Compost Corner Sunday program will offer a series of talks with Zela Bisset giving practical demonstrations on the use of bush foods, and Dr Tobias Smith raising awareness of native bees and their role as pollinators. You can get expert advise on the growing of bush foods with Veronica Cougan and Marc Russell, including land conservation with Ernie Rider. Community groups offer tips on sustainable living with discussions and displays throughout the day.
A full program can be found on the website or at the venue.
The Gympie Garden Expo offers a fantastic weekend of guest speakers, garden gadgets, machinery and inspiration for everyone in the garden. Come along on April 30 and May 1 from 9-4pm with only $5 entry and kids free.


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