Special prizes for green thumbs

Gympie has a reputation for its wonderful collection of heritage buildings. Something which should be gaining equally great appreciation are its gardens. There are special prizes on offer for local green thumbs who tirelessly toil in their gardens despite the temperamental weather. The Gympie Garden Expo is inviting gardeners to share in their passion for gardening this year by entering their annual home garden competition. Entries close on April 10.

There is something magical about entering a garden that has been carefully nurtured and designed to best suit the characteristics of individual plants. Behind all that decision making is a passionate soul who gets a kick out of watching plants thrive and creating beauty in their lives. These tireless gardeners have something to be proud of. Maybe you know someone in the community who needs encouraging to enter? They stand to win some fabulous prizes totalling $350 for each category.
The competition offers five categories for garden enthusiasts. “Town” includes all gardens which are ‘under an acre’. You may not have won a prize in a garden competition, which enables you to enter the “Novice” section. For those with an expansive garden, try the “Country” section, which includes gardens ‘over an acre’. A special section is offered for “Over 75’s” to encourage those with honed skills to continue to motivate others with their horticulture expertise. Schools are also invited to showcase their gardens to the community. Each garden may only enter one category in the competition.Thanks go to Gympie Regional Council, Katek Fertiliser, Sauers Produce and Gympie Horticultural Society for sponsoring the Home Garden competition.
If you are interested in participating you can contact the secretary on 0411 876 584 or email gympiegardenexpo@gmail.com

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