First aid for your garden

Are you tired of trying to resuscitate that shrub with browning leaves? Or fighting a losing battle with a destructive bug? Well think again, first aid for the garden variety has arrived. The Gympie Garden Expo offers a free plant clinic on Saturday May 3 and Sunday May 4.
Experts in their field Tom Wyatt, from ABC radio talkback and Paul Plant, Editor of sub-Tropical Gardening magazine will be available to talk to at the plant clinic after each of their session times.
Tom Wyatt returns to the expo each year with his down to earth attitude and sound advice that makes him so popular on ABC radio. Tom will be talking about ‘getting the soil right’, ‘alternative pest control’ and ‘identification of nutrient deficiency’.
Paul Plant is not only a freelance garden writer and editor but a consultant to landscape architects, councils and businesses regarding suitable horticultural plant selection, plant protection and species identification. We are fortunate to hear Paul talking on ‘funky and fascinating flowering plants’, ‘propagation made easy’ and ‘getting the best out of your garden with minimal costs’.
So, whether you bring a cutting along or wish to discuss ways you might improve your garden and its inhabitants, get along to the plant clinic at this years Gympie Garden Expo. You can find out more about session times at It’s just $5 entry and kids are free.

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